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Avoiding Bed Bugs Wherever You Go 

April 22, 2020

It’s no secret that Bed Bugs are a huge problem in our country. The issue with these relentless pests has been growing for the past few years and seems to be getting worse. What was once thought of as a problem in dirty hotel rooms, has become an issue in places that one would not normally think of as a haven for Bed Bugs. 

Recent reports put Bed Bugs in nursing homes, dorms, public transit, hospitals, malls, and movie theaters. Bed Bugs discovered in these locations mean that at some point, we will all have contact with these bugs, it’s how we protect ourselves that will determine if we bring these pests back to our own homes. 

There are some steps you can take to help protect your home and family from the itchy rash that these bugs can cause. 

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Protection Techniques 

Individuals can protect themselves by doing a little research and knowing what to look for as well as a few techniques that can deter Bed Bugs from finding their way into your home.

  • Learn how to identify a Bed Bug. These pests tend to be about 1/4 of an inch long (about the size of an apple seed). They are long, oval and flat. They also tend to be reddish-brown and have four legs with antennae. 
  • Understand the behavior of Bed Bugs and what attracts them. Bed Bugs need warmth and Carbon Dioxide. They tend to be attracted to humans since they feed on blood. They are most active at night. They have the ability to easily attach themselves to clothing, furnishings, bed clothing and upholstery. 
  • Check all seating areas before you sit down. This includes buses, planes, and waiting areas. Look specifically for active bed bugs or blood stains (brown) that could indicate a Bed Bug was once there. 
  • Keep your clothing and suitcases up off the floor if you are traveling. If possible keep clothing hanging in the closet or wrapped in plastic in your luggage. 
  • Check beds and mattresses for Bed Bugs. This includes areas around the headboard and near outlets. 
  • Upon arriving home from any travel, clean out your suitcase with a vacuum. Wash all clothes in hot water and dry on high heat. 
  • Turn to the professionals if you notice that Bed Bugs have infiltrated your home. 

Pro-Care uses high heat technology to eliminate your Bed Bug problem! Bed Bugs die almost instantly when exposed to excessive temperatures. Our mobile trailer mounted heating equipment will raise the temperatures in your home or building to levels that even the toughest Bed Bug cannot tolerate, regardless of where they’re hiding!

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