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Disinfecting Your Business Before Reopening

May 6, 2020

During this unprecedented time in history, it is hard to remember what “normal” feels like. Businesses are shuttered, employees are working remotely, and the world waits to be given the signal that things can get back to normal.

While the sense of normalcy that we are all craving is probably weeks away, it is important to start planning for the days when employees will be able to return to the offices and retail spaces to get the economy going again.

One of your top priorities, as a business leader, will be to maintain a safe environment for all of your employees and any clients that will eventually visit your offices. To have a safe environment, in this case, will mean cleaning your workspaces from top to bottom. This means making sure that every surface, piece of technology, device, and bathroom is cleaned and disinfected.


Beat the Rush

If your office building or store front is currently empty, then now is the time to clean and disinfect. Our cleaning team can complete a comprehensive cleaning protocol that includes but is not limited to: touchpoint cleaning, fogging, manual sanitization, and deep cleaning for COVID-19 pathogens. The longer you wait to schedule a cleaning, the chances your business will need to wait during peak cleaning times.

In addition, cleaning while the office is clear of all personnel is the best choice for the safety of all involved. The best time to clean, sanitize, and disinfect a building is when it’s empty. Crews are able to access the entire building without having to work around occupants.

Provide Peace of Mind

As our country eventually returns to some semblance of normality, it is important to give your clients and consumers a sense of security walking into your offices or store front. They will want to know that your physical space has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected from the further spread of the coronavirus.

Once foot traffic has been opened up to our region, and businesses are no longer required to work remotely or shutter entirely, it will be important to communicate with your clients and consumers the steps you have taken to safeguard them. By using a professional cleaner to sanitize your business you will be able give some level of peace of mind to your consumers and clients.

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Protect Your Employees

While it is important to make sure that clients and consumers feel confident coming into your workspace once again, it is equally important to ensure that your employees are able to return to work without the stress of thinking they may contract or transmit the virus once again.

Once an initial cleaning and disinfecting has occurred, our team at Pro-Care can continue to protect your employees via a regular cleaning schedule.

Does your business need a deep cleaning as you anticipate getting back to work? Call our professional team that can help you get back to work while protecting your team and all those that visit your office space.

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