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Fire, Smoke and Soot Cleaning

April 21, 2017

When fire, smoke damage or a heating system malfunctions (also known as “puff back”)

our team of cleaning technicians are skilled, efficient, and experienced at removing soot, odor, and moisture resulting from fire, smoke, and water damage.

When a heating system malfunctions, it can send the finest mist of soot throughout your home or building leaving a coat of soot on everything from walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, toys kitchen utensils, clothes etc. Sometimes it is difficult to see, you can smell it and when you touch items that have soot on them you might notice it on your hands. Our cleaning technicians are trained to perform soot removal which is an extremely detailed cleaning to remove all the soot found in your building or home.

Kitchen fires sometimes start on the stove top or from burning the dinner in the oven. The later can cause an awful protein odor that needs to be removed, as it won’t seem to go away by opening a window. We have the equipment to deodorize and eliminate the most stubborn odors.

When fire damage happens you most always have water damage. Our team is trained to handle all fire and water damage mitigation. Your property will be quickly prepared for the next step of the restoration process: Reconstruction.

If your contents need to moved out of your building to facilitate repairs. our facility offers temperature controlled storage bays that are enclosed and locked for each customer’s security and availability. Our warehouse space allows our cleaning crew to examine each item one at a time; clean them and re-pack them for short & long term storage.

We also handle dry cleaning pick up & delivery as well as oriental rug cleaning and restoration.

Pro-Care Inc, has offices in Woburn, MA, Hopedale, MA and Hudson, NH to respond promptly to your emergency call! We service communities from the Worcester County area to Suffolk County -Boston, Middlesex County, Essex and Norfolk Counties of MA. and as far north as Manchester, NH -Hillsborough County and Rockingham County, NH and as far South to Providence County, RI.

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