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How to Keep the Home Safe from Winter & Cold Weather Damage

January 18, 2019

The winter is a wonderful time of year. With the holidays, festivities, and celebrations, it can be a beautiful yet busy season. The hustle and bustle, and the nature of it all tend to take over. As we’re constantly shopping, working, visiting, and planning, it’s tough to remember the responsibilities of the home throughout all of this. We spend time out of the house all day long, and when we’re home, we’re staying warm and cozy. But the home requires much care and maintenance throughout the winter and the colder months of the year. Read through this blog to learn how to keep the home safe, organized, and on point during the winter months.

Home Maintenance to Keep Safe During the Cold Season

From November to about February, we’re excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannakuh, New Year’s Eve, and many other holidays. Before all of this excitement consumes you, get ahead of the game and begin your winterization process before these months really set in. Have your general contractor or property maintenance service assess your home and give you advice for winterization. Pay attention to insulation, windows, seals, doors, siding, potential leaks, and areas of rot or in need of repair. Beginning with professional advice and assessment is always a safe way to begin or end the season.

Home Maintenance Routines

Get in a good routine moving forward. Remember to always check out the attic and the basement periodically. Choose one day of the week where you do your house chores, and take this time to also assess the home thoroughly. Especially during the really cold days when the temperatures drop, pipes and gutters can freeze and cause extreme damage. Your checklist should cover all areas in the home. Be sure your checklist encompasses both the home’s interior and exterior.

Organized Homes Prevent Issues with Pipes, Thermostat, and Furnace

Keep things organized. When everything in the home is organized, you can be safe and recognize issues as you’re busy during this time of year. Families and homeowners often keep items stored in the attic and basement, so when issues arise, it can be tough to recognize the source of the leak behind all the clutter. When there’s water spraying everywhere in the basement, how will you get to the leak if there’s so much clutter and storage in the way? Water from issues like pipes bursting risks the chance of ruining all of these belongings when they are not stored properly. Have your things organized by the time its cold, so you have clear pathways to the pipes, the thermostats, and the furnace.

If you stay organized, develop a good routine, and stay alert and aware of the home, you can keep things running smoothly all winter long. If you have questions about caring for the home during the winter, reach out to Pro-Care.

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