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Hurricane Season is Here! What you Need to Know about Water Damage Remediation. 

August 7, 2019

June 1st marked the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean. Until November, millions of people along the eastern seaboard are on high alert for “the big one” to hit them. While Category 5 storms are rare for our New England area, we have seen our fair share of Category 3 & 4 storms that have caused millions of dollars in damage to our region. Now that hurricane season is here, it is important to talk about the multiple threats that these storms bring and how you can recover if your home or property is damaged.

Remember the names Gloria, Bob, Irene and, of course, Sandy? Those hurricanes are the more recent to hit the northeast corridor of the United States. They don’t happen as often, or with the ferocity of the storms in the Gulf or along our southern coastline states but, when they do, they cause millions of dollars in damage and can wipe out a lifetime of hard work in one night. 

One such storm was Hurricane Sandy (2012). It was the 4th worst storm in United States history causing over $70 billion in economic damages. The death toll was put at 72, while millions lost power and hundreds of thousands of homes were uninhabitable due to wind and flooding damage. Sandy impacted New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont. Since her catastrophic landfall, the name has since been retired. 

The thing to remember about Sandy was that she made landfall as a Category 2 storm in New Jersey and was quickly downgraded to a tropical storm. So what caused all the damage as she headed inland and toward Vermont? Water, and lots of it! 

Hurricanes bring with them two types of water threats: storm surge and torrential rains. The storm surge from Sandy hit a 600-mile stretch of the eastern seaboard. Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park was hit by 14-foot waves. More than 80% of Atlantic City was underwater. Some of the Boardwalk was swept away. 

What’s scary is that flooding and storm surges will continue to get worse as climate change evolves. Rising sea levels are one concern for future storms. The average global sea level has risen 8.9 inches between 1880 and 2015. 

Are you prepared for a storm or hurricane? New Englanders need to plan ahead in case your home is in a flood zone, near a lake or river, or just in an area where street flooding occurs during large storms. 

At Pro-Care Inc., our disaster recovery services include recovery and restoration from water damage. Unwanted water can lead to mold growth, staining, structural failure and, of course, ruined furnishings and appliances. We can help with water extraction, structural drying, dehumidification, deodorization, and all the services needed to get you back in your home after a storm. Call our services any time of day at Pro-Care Disaster Restoration Services at (781) 933-7400 or toll-free at (800) 660-1973. 


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