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July has seen record rainfall in Massachusetts!

August 5, 2021

Mold (microbial growth)

Record rainfall in July!

July has seen record rainfall in Massachusetts! As I write this blog on August 5th it is raining yet again with warnings of flash flooding. We know with all this rain, some of the water and moisture will make its way into our homes and businesses. We can’t stress enough to be aware and keep an eye on possible water damage that may lead to mold growth if gone undetected! To prevent mold growth moisture control is key. It can’t be said enough if you do not have moisture mold will not grow!

Two key places to inspect after the rains slow down are the attic and the basement.

Some of these storms have produced hail and strong wind which can damage roof shingles allowing water to find its way in. If you have access to your attic, take a few minutes to inspect for any signs of water or moisture on the beams, insulation, walls etc. Take swift action to dry the wet surfaces and correct the condition to prevent continued water damage that may cause microbial growth. While in the attic it is a good idea to check the air-conditioning drip pans and drain lines keep them clean and clear and flowing properly. This will help prevent small leaks that tend go undetected for long period of time, promoting mold growth as well as a larger water damage in your attic.

Whether it is your home or office remember to inspect the basement after every rain storm for signs of water and moisture intrusion. In storage areas check behind boxes, filing cabinets or furniture for signs of water damage, so often that is where hidden mold growth begins. Inspect paper boxes if they are damp or wet on the bottom that is a sign water has made its way into the basement. Once again, take swift action to dry the wet surfaces and correct the condition to prevent continued water damage that may cause microbial growth.

Although attics and basements can be key areas for water damage after a storm. Wind driven rain can find its way into to any room of your home or business by way of siding, chimneys, doors, roofs and windows so be aware of water stains, peeling paint, black stains on wood materials and musty odors as well as visible mold growth.

Pro-Care’s employees are trained to apply the proper remediation protocol in these circumstances to ensure occupant safety.

If you are in a water or mold damage situation and have questions regarding your restoration process, Pro-Care is on call and ready to assist you 24 hours a day,                                                                   7 days a week. With office locations in Stoughton and Woburn, MA and Bedford, NH we are ready to help you dry your home or business and restore it to pre loss condition.                                           Call us on our emergency line any time of day at 781-933-7400.

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