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North Shore, MA Apartment Fire

January 20, 2017

We’re going to break down a recent fire that happened on the North Shore of Boston, MA. Since we deal with many different circumstances, causes, and situations with each job, we thought it would be beneficial to highlight some of the jobs we deal with. 

A Fire on the Porch Can Spread to the Home

This job began with a fire on the porch of an apartment unit on the North Shore. The fire spread into a chase between the mechanical closet and the living room, and up into the attic space. Fires can spread easily through the home, especially in dry weather, or if the fire catches onto dry materials in the home.

Sprinkler System Activating & Calling Pro-Care

The sprinkler system was activated and created water damage in the living room and bedroom. Pro-Care was called in to mitigate the damage, dry the building materials, clean the soot and smoke damage, and reconstruct the unit. Selective demolition was performed to facilitate the drying and remove charred framing.

Aftermath: Cleaning Up a House Fire

While the unit was drying, Pro-Care cleaned the unit thoroughly using chem sponges to remove soot from a variety of surfaces. The framing that was deemed safe to remain was encapsulated to prevent odor from escaping. Once approval was given from the building inspector, Pro-Care began the reconstruction. The team framed, insulated, drywalled, painted, sided, and replaced decking allowing the resident to get back to normal life as soon as possible.

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for preventing house fires and emergencies like this one. Stay on top of the game by reading these tips to prevent situations like these from occurring.

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