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Signs You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

September 2, 2019

Bed bugs may be small but they can cause huge problems for homeowners who find themselves the unwitting host of these unwanted house guests. No one is immune to these pests and their prevalence seems to be increasing with each passing year. Exactly how does a homeowner know if they have a bed bug situation and what can they do about it if they find that the signs point in that direction?

The statistics on the number and geographic range of bed bugs can be pretty alarming. Almost all (97%) pest professionals in the U.S. have treated bed bugs in the past year. Another frightening stat is that 1 in 5 Americans has or know someone who has encountered bed bugs. That means that every home, hotel, airport, hospital, bus, train, movie theater you visit has the potential to expose you to bed bugs. Since bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, they have the distinct possibility to end up back in your home where they will make your life miserable. 

The signs of bed bugs can many times disguise themselves as other common pests that are found in homes across the country. For that reason, pest experts agree that identifying and eradicating bed bugs should be left to those with professional training and experience to do so. 

The most common areas to find bed bugs include mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards, under the cushions of furniture, under carpeting, near baseboards, under light switch plates, and around electrical outlets. Here are some of the signs that your home may be harboring bed bugs. 

Red Itchy Bite Marks 

A hallmark of a bed bug infestation is that homeowners find they have red, itchy bite marks. These bed bug bites can be very itchy and tend to be grouped together. For those reasons, many people mistakenly believe the bites are caused by mosquitoes instead of the real culprit – bed bugs feasting on their host all night long. Some people immediately develop a skin reaction or welts to these bites. For others, it may take two to three days before showing obvious symptoms. 

Fecal Spots on Mattresses

Bite marks and welts are a common first symptom or sign that there are bed bugs in a home, but so are fecal spots. Many homeowners call for professional help when they find blood stains or brown fecal marks on their mattresses, box springs, or sheets. These stains are made by the blood they have been sucking out if its host (you) or fecal matter they have been depositing after a night of “eating.” 

Bed Bug Skins 

When bed bugs molt, they often leave behind their “skins” as a sign that they have been taking shelter in your bed, couch, upholstery, or walls. This is just another sign that you need to call in the professions to identify the pest, eliminate the current infestation, and clean the area. 


Some homeowners have no question about the cause of their night time itching and sleepless nights – they actually spot the pests. This is not often the case since bed bugs tend to be most active at night, but it does occur. 

Rather than attempt to eradicate bed bugs using potentially harmful chemicals, Pro-Care recommends the high heat method to safely and effectively rid your home or building of these unwanted house guests.

Pro-Care uses high heat technology to eliminate your bed bug problem! Bed bugs die almost instantly when exposed to excessive temperatures. Our mobile trailer mounted heating equipment will raise the temperature in your home or building to levels that even the toughest bed bug cannot tolerate, regardless of where they’re hiding!


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