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Spring Flooding

April 14, 2017

April showers bring May flowers! They also bring wet basements. Suddenly, it happens, you have never taken in water before in your basement and then that one rain storm comes and your basement is flooded! Your holiday decorations are floating by! Whether your basement is finished living space or unfinished storage space, we assist homeowners, property managers, condominium trustees, facility managers, business managers by pumping out and or extracting basement water and or sewer backups (as that sometimes occurs as well). We will then mildewcide the affected area, set up drying equipment to dry the space completely and quickly to avoid mold growth.

We have offices in Woburn, MA, Hopedale, MA and Hudson, NH to respond promptly to your emergency call! We service communities from the Worcester County area to Suffolk County -Boston, Middlesex County, Essex and Norfolk Counties of MA. and as far north as Manchester, NH -Hillsborough County and Rockingham County, NH and as far South to Providence County, RI.

A few things you can do to minimize water damage / flood damage to your basement. Inspect your gutters and downspouts. Keep gutters free of debris. After a long Winter, downspouts may have been dislodged or broken. Make sure they are connected properly and directed at least 3 feet away from the basement foundation. Inspect the exterior foundation and interior basement walls and floor for cracks, If you find any signs of cracks fill with an appropriate sealer, for serious issues call in a specialist with foundation repair experience. Keep your sump pump free of debris, consider installing a generator as the sump pump requires power to pump out basement water. When storing items in your basement avoid using cardboard boxes as mold feeds on paper and cardboard products.

Lastly, before a basement water damage -flood happens review your property insurance policy! Usually, homeowner’s insurance does not cover flooding or seepage. Call your carrier to make sure you have proper coverage.

Contact us to assist you in drying and restoring your wet basement.

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