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Travel Warning: Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs this Summer

June 5, 2019

According to a recent AAA Travel survey, nearly 100 million Americans – 4 in 10 U.S. adults – are planning to take a family vacation in 2019. If you are one of the lucky ones who get to travel this summer, be sure that you do not come home with any unwanted souvenirs – bed bugs!

These statistics mean that millions of hotel rooms, airplanes, trains, and buses will be accessed by people all over the country. Unfortunately, these are all locations where bed bugs like to hide. They lurk in mattresses, furnishings, upholstered seats, light sockets, and inside walls. Then they emerge during the nighttime hours to feed on their sleeping host.

Bed bugs are no joke. The can leave red welt-like bites on your body and make sleeping a nightmare. We have all heard horror stories of homes being infested with bed bugs or families bringing bed bugs home with them on vacation, as these critters are excellent hitchhikers. Don’t let this happen to you this summer while you travel. Here are some great tips to help you prevent bed bugs from becoming an uninvited guest.


Before You Travel

As you are planning your trip, check out the Bed Bug Registry online to make sure any of the resorts, hotels, or lodgings you are considering staying in are not currently active with bed bugs. Talk to others who have recently traveled about their experiences. Check on Yelp and Google Reviews to make sure the lodging is not having a current bed bug flare up!

On Your Trip

Even before you take your seat on the plane, train, or bus, check out what is underneath you. Lift up the seat cushion or just check the seams to be sure you are not placing yourself or your luggage in an area where there are bed bugs.

Once you arrive at your hotel, do not unpack right away. Take a few minutes to look in the drawers of the nightstand, under the mattress, in the crevices of the boxspring, and on furnishings in the room. Be sure to examine the mattress without the sheets to see if there are signs of bed bugs such as eggs, red or brown spots, or the actual bugs themselves. If you see any evidence that looks suspicious, talk to the management and request a new room.

If you believe there are no active bed bugs, you should still take precautions. Keep your clothes hanging in the closet rather than on the floor or in the drawers. Keep soiled clothes in a plastic bag in your luggage. Keep shoes and other garments up off the floor and away from furnishings if at all possible.


When You Arrive Home

Unpack your luggage outdoors or in the garage if possible, and vacuum the inside and outside before entering your home or apartment. Wash and dry your travel clothing at over 140 degrees Fahrenheit or have your clothing dry cleaned.

Do you have a bed bug problem? Rather than attempting to eradicate bed bugs using potentially harmful chemicals, Pro-Care recommends the High Heat method to safely and effectively rid your home or building of these unwanted house guests. Call Pro-Care at (781) 933-7400 – Toll-Free (800) 660-1973 – or visit our website to find out more about our services.


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