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Why Immediate Fire Restoration is Critical to Recovery

July 10, 2019

Fire and smoke damage can be extremely devastating to a home or business. Not only are there physical aspects that need to be dealt with immediately, but the emotional scars can linger for quite some time. Our goal at Pro-Care Disaster Restoration is to return you to your home or business as fast as possible to start healing on all levels.

When a disaster strikes there is no preparing for the aftermath. Simply put, it can be overwhelming. Many people don’t realize that once the fire trucks have pulled away and the smoke has cleared, the real restoration work begins. Unless you live or work there, you have no idea what lies ahead. Our skilled and experienced reconstruction technicians can help prepare you at every step of your reconstruction process.

Once the structure is secured after a disaster, owners may be looking at several types of damage including fire damage, soot, and water damage from fire fighting efforts. Immediate care after a fire can help get things back to normal as quickly as possible.


After a fire, your home will most likely be unlivable for a time. Our technicians are ready 24 hours a day to provide emergency board-up service for your home or building. This ensures that your property will be secure until you are able to live or work in it again.

Damage Assessment

Immediately after your property is secure, our fire reconstruction contractor will assess the damage at the site, give you an estimate on costs, and start the cleanup process. Our quote is free and can examine soot removal, water damage restoration, odor problems, and fire destruction.

Clean Up

Our crew will remove your items and bring them to our temperature-controlled storage bays where we will examine each and every item one at a time; clean them and re-pack them for short & long-term storage. We document everything we remove from your home and try to salvage as many items as we can.

While items are brought off-site for cleaning, our crew onsite will be busy cleaning the building of signs of the fire, including soot and water damage. We stay in close contact with you while repairs and cleaning are completed so you have an idea of the timeline and how things are progressing. Some of the steps we take include dehumidifying the area, deodorizing, soot removal, water extraction, furniture repair and cleaning, rug cleaning, and a careful inventory of what was lost and what can be salvaged for insurance and personal purposes.

Full Recovery

We know how devastating a fire can be for a family or a business. We are committed to helping you recover fully from the event. Call our services any time of day at Pro-Care Disaster Restoration Services at (781) 933-7400 or toll-free at (800) 660-1973.


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